Visualization Technique using Matplotlib :

Visualization Technique using Matplotlib :

A fundamental part of data science is data visualization :

Data visualization is the technique of communicating with data and exploring it .

Though there are plenty of libraries in python but for today post we will concentrate on matplotlib for data visualization .

In particular, we will be using the matplotlib.pyplot module. In its simplest use, pyplot maintains an internal state in which you build up a visualization step by step. Once you’re done, you can save it (with savefig()) or display it (with show()).


Lets gear up and make use of notebook :

Bar Chart :

A bar chart is a good choice when you want to show how some quantity varies among some discrete set of items.

Example : Showing class distribution with a sample data :

Suppose you have 30 males and 22 females in class lets see how it looks in bar chart :

Line Chart :

Line chart is usefull when showing trends with in a data distribution ,

Lot of example can be sighted will start with a simple one :

Pie Chart : Pie chart are useful in data analysis in show distribution of the various labels and its percentage .

Scatterplot :

Scatterplot of the data shows how likely or how similar the dataset is . Suppose the data is densely scatter at particular region ,its likely the data points have similarity :

Saving the plot in memory :

We will use visualization in more often in exploring data .

Till then happy Learning and Sharing !!

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