Terms and conditions

These terms tell you the rules which we, ImaginorLabs Private Limited (“us” or “we”), apply to your use of the Yana for Hotels service available via the Google Assistant service (“GA”) on any supported device (“App”). These terms apply in addition to, and do not replace, any other terms that may apply to the use of the App.

You can only use the App if you agree to accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms, you must not use the App. 

Privacy and Security:

The App allows you to use your Google Assistant supported device (e.g., Google Assistant) to communicate with us, by voice, regarding Check-in, Housekeeping and Maintenance. To use the App, you will have to speak commands and questions aloud to the GA, and you will receive responses aloud. Any communication to us via GA will be treated by us as a communication which you have authorised, and any communication from us via GA in response to a request received from your GA-enabled device will be treated by us as a communication to you. In other words, you are responsible for all of the interactions with us via the App. For example, it is possible that someone other than you could interact with us via the App, or that someone could overhear you interacting with us via the App and learn information about you. It is also possible that Google Assistant will record your interactions with the App or with GA. We recommend that you consult your agreements with Google to learn more about how Google treat those interactions. 

Data Collection and its Usage:

The data and information collected is solely in behalf of the hotels and is securely saved in the local server of the hotel . The document uploaded by the user are uploaded to the hotel server for verification of the guest at the time of actual check-in .The identification document collection by hotels is a mandatory step as per Government Policy of India . The user have sole decision to not upload the document and use the SKIP UPLOAD button the do the check-in inside the hotel.

Third-Party Security Settings:

Once you set up your GA supported device with the App, you are authorising us to provide information to the device based on the device’s security settings. For example, You might be asked to upload your document such as Passport, Aadhar card or Voter Card for easy check-in to hotels   based only on verbal requests from anyone who uses your device, or to save information about you for easier access. By enabling the App on your GA supported device, you accept full responsibility for how the App is used (including any communication to or from us via your device). The information collected is securely saved under servers of the hotel and by any means Google is not responsible for collection and saving of data.


We didn’t design or manufacture Google Assistant or your enabled device. Your device will also run other software (e.g. other third-party apps) that we did not write or design and do not have control over. It’s possible that Google Assistant will not hear you correctly, will incorrectly translate what you said, or even say something to you different from what we asked it to say. By accepting these terms, you are accepting that we are not responsible for inaccuracies in your interactions with us via the App. If you have any concerns or doubts about the accuracy of your interactions with us via the App, you can still get your Account details in all of the same ways you used to before. We recommend that you verify the accuracy of any information you receive via any interactions via the App before making any investment decisions that are based on that information.

Pilot & Bugs:

We are making the App available as part of a limited, early pilot program. It’s possible that there will be bugs that may impact on the service and the accuracy of the information that you receive via the App. In addition to the possibility of GA mishearing you or misquoting us, there’s also a possibility that something might not work correctly, or might not work at all. By getting this special preview and using the App, you’re accepting that risk.

Responsibility for loss or damage you suffer:

 We make the App available for use free of charge at your sole risk and cannot guarantee that it will it is compatible with your device or will work in the way that you expect it to or that you can use it for any particular purpose or that it will always be available. You do not need to communicate with us via the App in order to operate your Account(s).

These terms don’t prohibit or limit our obligation to you where it is unlawful to do as such. This incorporates obligation for death or individual damage caused by our carelessness or that of our workers, operators or subcontractors and for extortion or deceitful distortion

Contacting You:

The purpose of the pilot is to give limited customer and hotels an  early access to test and provide feedback. We may seek your constructive feedback on the App, including problems you encounter, aspects that work well, and suggestions for improving it. You agree that we may email you from time to time about your experience with the App.

Changes or Amendments:

We may change, suspend, or stop the App, or any piece of it, whenever without notice. We may correct any of these terms at our sole watchfulness by posting the changed terms on our site at https://www.imaginorlabs.com/terms-and-conditions/. Your proceeded with utilization of the App after the effective date of the re-examined terms comprises acknowledgment of them.

Technical Support:

During your participation in the pilot, we may or may not provide technical and other support for the App. You agree to abide by any support rules and policies we may apply. If such support is provided, it will be provided in addition to any normal support for your Account(s) and will be available exclusively through the pilot while you are a participant

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