Part 3: Working on variable, string and numbers

Part 3: Working on variable, string and numbers

This is the continuation of series of blog post on getting started to data science using python (part 1,part 2) . So today will explore the building blocks of python with emphasis on variable strings and numbers .

Variable – simply which can occupy memory and store value and the best thing about python is you do not have to
explicitly declare type to a variable .


Simply you can consider variable as like
the pocket in your shirt just with using (=) you can assign value to a

Lets check the type of the variable using typefunction:

Here you did not have to explicitly mentioned the type.

You can also assigns same value to multiple variable simultaneously:

Strings :

String is a very popular among the data types in python you can create a string by quoting the characters as like :

The easiest way to explore string is by simply

str. + tab

Will explore a few of the function in string :

String formattingoperator is one of the best features in python with of % symbol where you can structure your code accordingly as below , again you can make use of other option with % + Tab

To know more how the function would work

Converting an integer to string :

More operation on string :

Numbers :

Example on numbers :

Floor division //, modulus %, power **

So this are few example you can try it out on your notebook . Stay tune

Happy Learning and sharing !!

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