Part 2: Top Tips & Trick Of Using Jupyter Notebook

Part 2: Top Tips & Trick Of Using Jupyter Notebook

This is the 2nd part in our new series- Python for Data Science. So lets restart our road trip and this time we will deep dive in some details of using notebook. Jupyter Notebook is web based interactive tool used mainly by machine learning and data science community for analysis, testing, reporting and gaining insights from data. We will explore in details of using notebook on a Windows PC. So for this road trip, our car will be Windows.

Data Analysis is mainly about storytelling of data, so to make it more readable we need to make it more interactive and decorative. A proper heading is a must, right? So let’s give a heading:

Change code to Markdown:

Ctrl + Enter to Run the cell.

Shift + Enter to Run current cell and new cell below.

To get the list of shortcuts go to


Click it and choose Keyboard Shortcuts

To know the path where your package/library coming from:

To import package :

Import <alphabet> + tab

To know the version of python

Next comes very important thing of commenting:-

Comment a single Line: # in front of the line

Commenting a block of code: Select the block of code and Ctrl + /

To uncomment the piece of block: Ctrl + /

To know more about a package/library:

So this is a small intro to use Jupyter Notebook. Will share a lot of tricks while using it for coding. Stay tuned.

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