Machine Learning Starter program : From Zero to Hero

Machine Learning Starter program : From Zero to Hero

Being from software background and transiting into data science career is quiet fulfilling and opened an ample of opportunity to learn and share .

With times even helped a quiet a few people to leap jump into the field of data science .

Below are the few hacks a part of my self-learning to help the community starting their career in data science.

First choose a language and try out solving problem to get accustomed with the syntax .

1.Python is my preferred language, You can try out SOLO learn with python for free . it even has quizzes to brush up what you have learned. Focus on Numpy , Panda .Visualization libraries include Matplotlib, plotly , Seaborn ,D3.js and many more .
2 Start brushing your basic of linear algebra class,
probability & statistics and calculus which is been already taught in 11 and 12 standard . Concept on hypothesis testing , maths behind similarity , co relation , variance and bias .

3. Follow a book “ Hands on Machine Learning with Scikit-Learning & Tensorflow . It is one of the best book read till date .

4 . Rigorously follow Kaggle , practice a lot of problems from  Kaggle , you will learn a lot .

5 . Free theoretical course on Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on cousera is one of the greatest resource . Even khanacademy have great content.

6 . If you are interested in computer vision look no further, pyimagesearch is the best website to follow .

7 .  For natural language processing and time series problem  machine learning mastery machine learning mastery is one of  the best website to check out .

8 . Follow Youtube channel by Siraj Raval , Sandex

9 . Be persistent and dedicated with a fix goal .

Happy Learning and make your machine smart !!

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