How to access Voice Assistant for Hotel?

“On your Google Assistant , speak the name of the hotel to use the service .Suppose you are staying at Paradise Hotel . Just say “Ok Google ” talk to Paradise hotel”

With-in the check-in window , prior to the check-in day you will receive an automated message to access the Check-in , You will be prompted to upload your identification proof. Once you have done it , you will be confirmed .On your visit to the hotel you will receive a secret key to access the facility with in the hotel .

Just Speak out , any queries regarding Housekeeping, Maintenance service example:
Talk to Paradise Hotel
“My fan is not working”
“I need a towel “
Anything you would like , even you can give feedback through the Assistant. We have made it smarter than you think .

It is already there , you can access the same way you have order for housekeeping or maintenance. You will be redirected to a web page from where you can order food of your choice Link : https://www.imaginorlabs.com/how-to-get-khana-by-yana/

Please connect with the Hotel Reception for further assistance .

Bill Payment is not handled as of now .Make physical payment at the reception .

As of now , we do not have this service .

We respect your privacy , all the data resides with the hotel you are staying and is encrypted with SHA 256 hashing . Data is used by the hotel to improve the service with in the hotel .

 No , You need be checked-in to use the service . Once you check out , the service will be deactivated

For any queries and clarification send us a mail to contact@imaginorlabs.com
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