Our take on: AI and Hotel Industry

Our take on: AI and Hotel Industry

During my tenure at TCS, I was lucky to shift my career in AI and Data Science which opened a renewed source of excitement and learning. I was overwhelmed by the possibility of data defined decisions. Our constant pursues to excel in what we do lead to the formation of Dojo.

So the most important question which we hear a lot – why did we choose this industry.??

To answer this please stick to the last,  you will get all the answers.

To get to the skin of the industry we have talked to a lot of hotelier over personal meeting over LinkedIn to know more about the problem even before solving it. Below are the few key areas I would like to draw your attention upon.

  1. No proper use of Data – Hotels sits on a pile of data without making proper use of it. Data is the new oil and attention is the new currency, with valid data points you can create attention which will eventually drive your revenue.
  2. The changing trends- There will be no industry which won’t be affected by AI. There has been a tremendous growth of the millennial population over the years and to keep up with the pace; Hotel Industry have to embrace technology with open hands to ride the growth. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Automation – Time is money, the more you save time the more you can do meaning full things in life. It helps hotels to optimise the use of their resources.
  4. Data Analysis- Data can tell stories. Data can help you to predict estimated time of check-in for guest and checkout so that you can be prepared with the room within the stipulated time. Reducing wastage in hotels is a big problem, data can also curate to that need also.
  5. Personalized Experience – Customer are missing personalized experience, and creating a ‘wow’ experience for guests is what every hotel is looking for. You can do more than sending birthday wishes or remembering their marriage anniversary. Is there a point to bombard your guests who are vegetarian with non-veg items in the menu. Just think about it. You have to know your guests more than they know themselves. This is the simple logic one of biggest companies in the world, Amazon uses.
  6. Online Reputation and Rating – It’s like a Holly grain for all the hotels to maintain a great online reputation. Internet is the new playground, and playing with the best team with the best equipment helps a lot. Even this process can be simplified with making use of data and finding patterns in it.

If you have come to this part, you will probably be thinking yeah, these are valid points . Why aren’t we using it. Simplifying things and making an impact is what we strive for. Even there is a personal reason behind building Dojo. Ananya’s bad customer experience in a star rated hotel. Yeah, he faced the problem, we faced the problem and you face it too. And that’s why we fixed it, we call the fix: Dojo.

Ok so let me give you a brief introduction on Dojo – It’s a personal virtual butler service for hotel guests right from check in to check out with the simplest way of interacting, that is through voice with the use of smartphone without even downloading any app.

You can do a lot more with data & Dojo. Connect with us to know more about this revolution.

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