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imaginor-labs 12 May 19
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What makes you happy ?? Learning and growing is what I love to do .This is a small way of sharing .

This is 1st part of the series of blog post on starting your journey in Datascience with python .We will cover this blog right from installing till you get confident using python .

To get started first you need to install python . There are a multiple ways of doing it but I love using Jupyter Notebook ( .
Install Anaconda ( which comes with predefined packages and library for python and more 40 languages .


Click on Download : The Python 3.7 version
After Downloading Install the Application .
Specify the path for installation .
After installation you can access notebook from the shortcut option created on your desktop or from the terminal as below :


On the terminal Write :jupyter notebook


A local server will be fired up with a link which you can access from the browser .


Access it from Browser


Go to the Document folder


Automated Folder with the name Python Scripts will be created


This folder is where you can put all your notebook . The notebooks ends with .ipynb
Create your first notebook :
Click on New :


Click on Python 3:


You will get to see as below :


To change name of the Notebook click on the portion where Untitled 2 is written and you can give any proper name to it and press OK button .


So this is how you can use notebook . The next part will cover tips and tricks of using notebook and basic of python stay tuned . Spread it !! Share it !!


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