Is Voice is next big UX??

imaginor-labs 15 June 19
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Sounds are a natural medium to communicate and with the increase level in improvement in speech recognition surely voice will bring the next big revolution in UX.

All big Players have their offerings in form of sound to built great conversational UX with the likes of Alexa, Google Assistant Cortana, bixy etc.

Gartner predicted that 85 percent of customer engagement would be driven without human intervention. “By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.” – Gartner. Everyone is fascinated by the efficiencies artificial intelligence brings. The biggest step businesses can take towards joining this digital revolution is simple – leverage AI powered bots. The ease of use and the convenience of getting things done with a click of a button is pushing businesses to reinvent their strategies for creating a great experience for their customer.

We have been extensively using Goggle Assistant to power the ux in the Hotel vertical.

So lets dig a bit why it will be the way of communication!!

Flexibility :

With the increase in apps taping on screen and remembering things to do next is hectic and if this can be replace by for example shoooing from a ecommerce site by simply saying please show me black t-shirt. That'it, without searching and selecting colours from the menu.

Accessibility :

With the phone inside your pocket just by saying wake me up in the morning at 6. Is much more convenient than setting alarm with in the app. So with the increase in adoptation VUI will bring a whole new level of features.

Portability :

Google Assistant powers the voice interface of the android devices which will open new doors for accessing the next big revolution in the app world. Mobile becoming the intregal part of our lives Portability is not an issue.

Language barrier :

With the increase level in understanding natural command with language translation the language barrier will help the next millions people to connect to the Internet with voice. The best example of having Google assistant embedded in JIO phones to bring the the next 400 million people use Internet to communicate in their natural language.

Speed :

As the speed to process the request is directly proportional to the speed of the Internet, thus increase the Internet speed will naturally speed up the adoption in voice interface, with rolling of 5g the adoption will be higher.

Automation :

Business 4.0 talks mostly on Automation and hence AI powered costomer service bot can automate most of the mundane task on a daily basis with a minimslistic in cost.

Thus VUI - VOICE USER INTERFACE will dominate the next decade of uxer experience.

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