What is Datascience??

imaginor-labs 15 June 19
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Datascience Is the art and science of bringing meaning full insight from data.

Data can be in different format structure or unstructured and making useful insights from data to help bussiness to grow is Data Science

Why Datascience is growing exponentially??

The main reason for the growth of data science.

Data Availibility - Due to Internet penetration data are now available in abundance and hence it implies to data Availibility

Data storage - Now a days penta bytes of data can be stored in cloud or in Hadoop cluster, storage are relatively much cheaper.

Data processing-With invention in chip to process large large chunk of data processing of data has increased significantly and hence their is an increased demand in data science jobs as well to mange it properly.

What are the pre requisite of Data Science??

MATH and Statistics
Programming language
Communication or Story telling.

Some use cases in Data science Domain specific:

Retail -

Customer segmentation
Product recommendation
Review Analysis of product
Market basket Analysis


Network fault analysis
Pricing of data tariffs

Health care

Predicting from scan images
Classification of disease with syntoms


Automation in guests management
Customer segmentation
Room pricing


Unmanned identification of crop infections
Demand forecasting
Pricing strategy

Cyber security

Intrusion detention

Stock Market prediction

Data Science has touched each and every industry and is already making a big way for further research and development

Jobs in Datascience

Job market for datascience practitioners are in abundance. As every industry is moving forward for digital transformation, hence the job is set boom in the field of Data Science.

According to latest glassdoor reviews, Datascience and Machine Learning is the highest paid job in US.

India is already Horning for allround development, hence there will an abundance requirement of job to cater to the need of the people.

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