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ImaginorLabs believe in bringing imagination to life using creativity, innovation and technology. We believe in pushing the envelope of innovation to the next level with our ideas by empowering,engaging, enhancing and making a positive impact on status quo of the society . In this age of machines where we stand at the verge of the machine intelligence surpassing the human intellect. We aim to deliver systems which will have the best of both worlds; intelligent systems built from the heart with passion and collaboration to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We believe that the power of “We” is always greater than “I”and therefore believe in forging strong relationships with our team and our customers to  Provide with the best .

We are proud part of Google Start Up Program and recognized by StartUP India.


Making a positive impact on the society by empowering people with love, inspiration and a bit of technology.


Change is the only constant in this world and hence it is our vision to be an instrument of it by inspiring people to dream, innovate and create a better tomorrow by breaking the shackles of the mugged up education and think out of the box. It’s meaningless to ask a fish to climb the tree.

Our Product​


Artificial intelligence is an emerging trend and with time it may surpass human intelligence.Dojo is one of its kind intelligent assistant for handling all hotel needs from check-in to checkout. Dojo is a voice activated assistant, it also smartens the way how hotel guest service is delivered to customer’s satisfaction. Dojo Offers a personalized experience to the guest and helps in solving smallest queries and needs, without having any headache to download a separate App.

Dojo is powered by Eclat Hospitality. We are working in collaboration with Prabhjot Bedi from Eclat Hospitality, renowned hospitality ideator to make Dojo one of the finest product in the industry.



Take your customer engagement to a whole new level of immersive experience with our AR/VR services.


Get Insight from your data to maitain your business in day to day life.Predictive Analytics lead to more confident decision making, and better decisions can result in greater operational efficiency, cost reduction and reduced risk.


Custom trained machine learning model to get rid of boring repeated task to handle queries and almost everything you do over the web.


Unlock the simplicity of using Face-Recognition in your business to get insight of your cutomer and provide a personalized experince.

the best People

Ananya Nayan Borah
Koustav Banerjee
Suprateek Bose
Sayantan Banerjee
Tanmay Mukherjee
Sudip Ghosh

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